• We are a fresh company based in Mexico.
  • Our project will have 666 NFT´s to choose from, GIF´s and also a Haunted House in the Metaverse.
  • Our different characters are rare and “hand-made”, this means no AI was used to create them, we hired our own local artist to make them 1 by 1 ,specially for you. A total of 6 people are working for our company right now.
  • We will launch 20 characters at the beginning of the project with 15 unique themes, a total of 300 NFT´s will be launched and will be already minted for you to buy.
  • The project will be minted already when launched, it will be available at OpenSea website ONLY, we won’t sell our art anywhere else, please be aware for scammers, if you want to report plagiarism or fraud, please contact us at:

The Butcher


  • • Simple…to help orphanages, homeless and people living on the streets in our country, Mexico.

  • It is estimated that more than 100,000 children and adolescents live in orphanages or shelters and nearly 5 million Mexican children are at risk of losing the care of their families due to causes such as poverty, addictions, domestic violence and legal proceedings.

  • 20% of the sales will be donated to different shelters.

  • Images and videos will be uploaded to social media so you can be aware of what we are doing.


First 10 NFT´s will be released for FREE. We think a giveaway is the best option to promote our art.

Base price starts at 0.500 ETH after that.

Insane Ninja
The Nuon



Unique NFT´s released by August 1st 2022.


Total unique NFT´s by Halloween 2022. Check our RoadMap down below to know more about the Project.

What is Disturbing Souls?

A Horror NFT Original Project that is dedicated to help orphanages and homeless.